Friday, December 14, 2007

Re: The flu Equals Weight Loss

One factor I hadn't planned on using in my weight loss plan was catching the flu; however, it has proven strangely effective, at least in the short term. Within 12 hours I went from 158 pounds to 151 pounds by simply retching my way through the evening. I know...such a lovely image...and now I am a bit light-headed and tired and dehydrated. Basically it gave me lots of sympathy for anyone who struggles with bulimia -what a horrible trade-off in strength and health in order to lose weight! I can't image how hard it would be to live day after day tempted to lose weight quickly that way (which also saps your strength and self esteem at the same time).

I'd much rather keep going with healthy eating and exercise, which help me lose weight while gaining self esteem, a nice additive. I'm not going to post this 151 as a true 151 weigh in until it lasts till Christmas, since all the eating I will do until then will likely restore my strength and a few pounds that the flu prematurely ripped away from my frame. I'd rather be a 151 with strength and health, than post a 151 that is merely a weak, dehydrated, fake. But sometime soon I will surely get there (especially with the salted and buttered popcorn Nate is handing me while I type this and he edits my grammar).

For family members needing Christmas ideas though, my size Large running pants are way too baggy now and I would love to slip into some Mediums! Much love and I had better go drink some more Gatorade to rehydrate!


Brother Eddie said...

Yikes Sis! 7 lbs. thats a lot! Glad you are keeping it all in perspective, I would expect nothing less from you :-) I played 2 sets of singles tennis this morning and won 6-2 6-4 so I am happy about that. Feeling good even though I haven't really done many workouts this week. WIll try to link up with you for Yoga tonight.

Lova ya, Eddie

Nate said...
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Sarah said...

Sorry to miss you for yoga Eddie, I did it soon after our chat! Love you, Sis