Monday, March 03, 2008

I Did the Itidarod

It’s unlike any other event in the world. A race over 1,150 miles of the most extreme and beautiful terrain known to man: across mountain ranges, frozen rivers, dense forests, desolate tundra and windswept coastline...and I did it!

Okay, not the real Alaskan Itidarod Dog sledding race, but I just did my own Winter Endurance Test. With warm coffee and a fire in the fireplace tempting me to stay inside, not mention Nate's fresh muffins, I layered on many layers and headed out into the 15 degree windchill. I ran my own Alaskan wilderness race through freezing wind, putting in my 3 mile training run, in preparation for the Brew to Brew relay race in April.

And I was greeted by my own beautiful terrain, as the solo runner through the neighborhood. Stars flickered in a jet black sky above and their light filtered through the old oak trees that lined the streets. The old trolley trail crunched with the sound of frozen mud under my feet and I skated out an back again. I did it! It think this was my best endurance feat of the winter, and it was truly all mental. I didn't even mention that I have cold-induced asthma. Time for that inhaler, a nice hot shower, and a few muffins.

Keep trekkin!


efrutchey said...

Isn't it true that is almost all mental , working out I mean. Most of the fight is convincing yourself to get up to just DO IT! Once you are doing it , continuing is not the feet. I'm proud of you sis. I am starting another mission for my TODAY. MARK MY WORDS! I did Kenpo X this morning and it was the first P90X workout routine I have done in over a month. I have been running again and playing consistent tennis on Saturdays, but it was not enough for me. My body has been achy and creeky lately because of hte lack of exercise so I am kicking it in gear again. My plan is to do some kind of workout every day of the week (of at least 30 minutes) I will list my workouts on my website. Root me on! Love ya, Eddie

dad said...

Eloquent and gritty tale. Maybe even elegiac. You heartland folks are both tough AND sensitive. But do I infer correctly that Brew to Brew is but a warmup for Northwest Passage in July?