Monday, April 13, 2009

5k results

I ran my own 5k using my Garmin and a Juniot High track last night. The stars were beautiful and I ran to the sound of my Ipod and the spraying sound of the nighttime sprinklers on the football field. Moonshine was my only light.

Mile One: 11:28
Mile Two: 11:07
Mile Three: 11:36

Total 5k time: 35:17

This is an 11:21 pace, which is a bit slower than my pace last July at 10:30, BUT IT shows how quickly I'm getting back in shape. Keep in mind I just had my baby girl Zoe 6 weeks ago.

I felt fast and great after this self-imposed race. It was a very freeing feeling. My first official 5k is in late May. Let's hope I can beat this most recent time then. I've also signed up for a weight loss training group at my gym. This should help me get faster as well.

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Eddie Frutchey said...

Way to go Sis! Yeah I have found that I post my best times late at night...alone too. There is something freeing about it. Anyway....glad your training is coming along. I am resting up this week for the big tri on Sunday morning in Folsom. So far Mom, Peter, Karen, the boys and Robert are planning to come. Didn't know if you could to. I know it would be alot for the kiddies. The entire race for me should take only 1:40 or so....and it starts at 9am. Anyways, way to go on your 5K. Way to motivate yourself just to do it!