Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Running intervals in heat

I'm in the heat of the summer, not my own female heat or something, and it is the dog days of that heat down here in Sacramento. My local running race team that I joined has a crazy 67-year-old coach who does NOT care if it is 100 degrees out we should still show up to the track to run intervals every Tuesday at 6pm (rain or shine and boy does it shine). SO I thought i was prepared with my water and electrolytes, but I put too much of it in the water which made it like I was swallowing cotton balls. I borrowed water like a mad woman. Not even asking some team members and gulping down a kids water like it was mine.

I ran 4 X 1200 meeters in that heat in something like:
6:38 (jogged around high school to find a bathroom to cool off in for 5 minutes and stuck my head in the sink)
6:22 (I ran this last one only because my coach gave me a hard time when I returned to the HOT track).

As a side note. I've regained about 10 pounds this month of travel to Seattle and eating stuff like lattes, endless salmon, dolmas at Pikes Place, Crumpets with marmalade from Pikes Place, endless morning pancakes, pastries from coffee shops, an entire crab, wine, beer, hot dogs and bread.

So I'm reimplementing my food and training diary via Excel tomorrow morning and I hope to loose 15 pounds in the next two months.

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