Monday, October 04, 2010

The ability fo fuel

The next six weeks I'll be running longer and longer on Saturdays. I feel slow right now on these marathon training runs because I often approach them improperly fueled due to my upset stomach issues.

However, last Saturday however was heavenly. I ate a large dinner late at night of bland rice pasta. My stomach was relaxed and happy.

I awoke after a good night of sleep, relatively, and with a settled tummy and legs full of energy. My run felt easier then it has for weeks. I ran around 14 miles all at a pace I could be proud of.

So I keep hoping that my tummy troubles are lessening even though today something has made my tummy unhappy. Was it the coffee? Or the ketsup?

Here is hoping that the next few runs will be easier and easier as long as I stay VERY strict on my diet. Oh, and I am loosing a bit of weight each week so I do need to really refuel carefully as I'm craving protein a lot after these runs, but meat can also aggravate my tummy. Especially spicy sausage.

Next up 16 miles, then 18, then 20 then 22 (I will attempt these on Saturdays in November) so hopefully that week is full of great refueling and a steady tummy.


Little Bro Eddie said...

Way to go Sis. I hope and pray that your tummy troubles continue to get better. Keep tredging through. Your a warrior.

Amy said...

I hope you figure out your tummy issues before they give you too much more trouble. For me, it seems to be certain combinations of foods, rather than a particular substance - so it took me a really long time to narrow the culprits down. For instance, I can eat pizza, and I can drink Pepsi, but if I have pizza WITH Pepsi, I end up in the bathroom. Other food combos do the same thing. Also...stress. Is a huge trigger.
Here's hoping you can get a handle on it soon because I know it's a pain!