Saturday, July 21, 2012

No more excuses

It happened when I looked at the photos from our recent trip and noticed the slightly chubby triceps and other extra weight. It is time to up my game and get back in the ring and whatever other cliche I can throw at this extra baggage. I still have 15 pounds to loose from my last pregnancy, and another 5 after that to get down where I want to be for running.

So today I found the hardest hill in Elk Grove to run and I went out and ran it. 8 times. In the 90 degree heat. It felt good to sweat, think of all those folks locked up in their Air Conditioned Cars wondering, "what is she doing?", and just pound out the calories.

I've also found that whenever I diet and exercise to loose weight I do need a team of others working alongside me in order for me to succeed. Therefore, I sent an email out to some co-workers challenging them this week to join me as I:
1) focus on eating lots of fruit and veggies and little else
2) give up all liquids except for water, milk, and black tea
3) exercise till I can't talk for at least 20 minutes a day (hence cardio)

Feel free to take up the challenge with me this week, you might loose a couple pounds. Then again if you have not reached your own "no more excuses" moment yet, then you are excused.

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