Monday, October 30, 2006

RE: Boot Camp

Time is running out on my maternity leave and I am somewhat panicking. I am deciding whether I should return to work a bit early to avoid loosing money on my next pay check.
If I do return on Nov. 15th that means I only have about another two weeks to myself at home.

I would like to make the best use of these two weeks so that I can get in better shape before I have to worry about working 40 hours a week again.

I am therefore declaring the next two weeks my boot camp. I want to attempt to run three times a week, and lift weights at the gym three times a week. That would total to 12 workouts in the next two weeks.

Please feel free to post comments asking me about my progress. I could use the accountability.

Last night I went for a run. It was my first time running since March of 2006 when I was three months pregnant. It was amazing. I ran through the crisp fall air and felt wonderful. I thought I would be struggling every step of the way but instead I walked for 3 minutes, ran for 12, walked for 2, ran for 12, walked for 10 (totaling about 2 miles). My heartrate soared above 200 which was a bit scarey - but that is why I am working out - to get OLD Bessie, thats my heart, back in shape.

But as I ran at my snails pace under the starlight I remembered how much I loved running. How it loosens up all my muscles and makes me feel like I'm running away from the worries of adulthood, hence the title of this blog. And with a new baby in my life, and my job looming in front of me, as well as our new car purchase this week, a run away from it all was just what I needed.

What's a good Boot Camp cheer! HOOAH! Go Sarah!


Eddie Frutchey said...

Way to go Sis! It's so funny how you and I were kicking our butts into gear at the same time and we didn't even know it! I, like you, had also forgotten how much I enjoyed running. I told myself after the marathon that is was the people that were the only real draw for me. Thus, when there was no one to run with afterwards, quiting was easy. A nice excuse to be pazy maybe. But, now...the more and more I exercise the more I realize that it is for me. For my health, which carries over into every other facet of my life. I give you props Sis.. 2 miles after a 7 month layoff is huge! Watch that heartrate though okay :-) What do you think of my site with my fitness log on it? Check it out!

BigRedYamaha said...

Thanks bro. I need you encouragement big time. Hurt my leg a bit running so hard that first day. I'm in physical therapy due to some numb muscles in my left leg after labor. I should be more careful until that is healed.