Monday, October 16, 2006

RE: Hello Again

It has been close to a year since I wrote my last blog rejoicing over my marathon finish.
This past year since the marathon I've really accomplished only one physical goal: I've carried and birthed my first child! In so doing, I've gained 50 pounds and lost most of the strength and health of my marathon training a year ago. But I have also "gained" along with the weight, a beautiful son who was very much worth the weightloss set backs.

Lincoln Paul W. came into the world as a 9 pound, strong and healthly little boy, around six weeks ago. I am at home on maternity leave nursing him and sleeping. These two activities take up most of my energy and my time, but I am starting to dream about daily exercise and weightloss once again.

In the next few blogs I will post some pregnancy photos, and baby Lincoln photos. I hope to use this blog to write about my goal of getting back in shape after this pregnancy. I hope to loose both the pregnancy weight and around 20 more pounds (since I was slightly overweight when I got pregnant). Total that is 70 pounds! I've already lost 30 pounds just by giving birth and nursing. Yipee! More later.


Erin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! Great name, too. :)

BigRedYamaha said...

We were nervous about it for a while. But now that we have done it we are very happy. Thanks for visiting again. Your the best!