Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RE: Ten Days of Rest

So I worked out for one week and then after Thanksgiving took 10 days of rest.
Because I was too tired when I came home from work, wanted to spend time with my baby, a snow/ice storm hit, and we all got a family cold.

But even so I lost around 8 pounds in that time by just nursing and eating healthy!

I love this milk diet. Do any other babies need nursing.

I am now around 12 pounds from being back to my prepregnancy weight.
And around 35 pounds from my ideal weight.

Got back to the gym today for some cardio and weights and took the baby to the childcare center for the first time and he didn't seem traumitized. So perhaps I can take him more often.

Here is my favorite pic of him. How could a mommy go to the gym instead of play with a boy like that?

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