Saturday, September 01, 2007

Heal Injury

Not sure if I'm moaned and groaned about my endless heal injury which has left me just swimming this summer. I miss running. I miss how easy it is to just get out the door and run, without having to plan a drive to the gym. All the doctors and friends who have given me ideas on how to fix this, haven't fixed it yet. I'm so tired of it aching whenever I push myself. So today I went and bought brand new running shoes just in case I get better and perhaps to help it get better. I ran one mile on the treadmill before my heal started to hurt. i'm pouting.


Eddie Frutchey said...


I'm feelin for you girl...How frustrating it must be for you to have the drive to run but the body can't do it. I am feeling this way more and more to, just from aches and pains after a long tennis match. When I go all out sometimes the aches and pains stick with me for a couple days afterward. I want to push forward with another exercise but my achy body wins the discussion.
You have inspired me to do an inspiration wall like you have with photos and words of those who insire me. (Wow I just said inspire alot, I need a thesaurus) So far I have pics of you and Dad, Lance Armstrong and Dick and Rick Hoyt-the incredible Father /Son Team that does Ironmans and Marathons together.
My office walls have been completly cleared off in preparation for us putting our house on the market tomorrow. So I will have bare wall except for my Inspiration board. Hopefully it will light a fire under me on those days that I don't think I can go that extra mile.
I'll prayin for your recovery Sis. Just keep doing what you can do.....

Lots of love, Eddie

Sarah said...

Thanks bro. Send us pics of your house. Is there a website I can see how it looks now that you are trying to sell. What an adventure. You do everything grown up before I do! Pouting again.

Eddie said...

How do you expect to anything first when you are "Running Away From Adulthood"? I'm only walking away from it, so it catches up with me more often I guess. :-) Love ya