Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm winning.

I'm currently winning around four battles.

One is with my heal pain (slowly but surely it is going away after lots of money spent on painful deep tissue massage on my left leg).

Secondly, I'm winning in the battle to get my body to loose weight again. I lost 2 pounds this week and am down to 162.5!

Third, I'm winning in a contest at my YMCA for working out the most in September and logging in my activity on a computer at the gym. Actually I am in fourth place is the YMCA contest. I was quite surprised to see my name listed "#4. Sarah Woodward" on the contest poster next to the computer earlier this week. I've already one a T-shirt, yippee! And now my name is on a poster!!! How is that for motivation. Not sure what I win if anything if I stay in the top 5 or actually win the whole thing. But it doesn't matter. I know I feel great working out each morning. This morning I swam 15 laps and I just feel so relaxed now. Tomorrow I will attend the 1 1/2 hour yoga class that kicks my butt into shape. I'd love to keep this up and if I kept losing weight at this pace I would be down to at least 145 by Christmas.

Fourthly, I'm eating healthier to. This morning I had my Grape Nuts, blueberries and soy milk. For lunch a sauteed eggplant, squash, apple and red pepper in some salsa. It was super yummy and I only ate about a cup of it. I might skip dinner or have a smoothly. It is the combination of eating way less and exercising every day without fail that is finally leading to the weight loss. That and taking my thyroid medicine faithfully.

All this exercise has really helped me keep my cool at work too. It has been stressful the last few weeks but since I workout before coming in in the morning I feel relatively relaxed no matter what comes my way.

Feels good to be a winner! I know my real motivation too. It will be good to always be active for this little guy.


matt said...

great job, sarah. it feels good to have some successes like that and looking at the picture of your little one there, i understand your motivation. keep up the great work!

Nate said...

Thanks Matt! Although the little one motivated me to stay in bed this morning. Ah well. Time to go to work. I guess I'll maybe have to run at lunch time. I wonder what the forecast is?