Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Perfect Week

I did all my early morning workouts this week, except on Friday the DVD player quit on me so I went running instead. My weight swung high the first week (when I was sick) and is now back down to around 160 so I haven't lost any weight. But I am feeling stronger. This program has lots of upper body weight training, yoga, and pushups and pullups. so my arms are definately getting stronger. I think I might go swimming today, my day of rest. I've also had lost of fun video chatting with my brother Eddie as we workout. It always helps to have a friend urging you out of bed in the morning!

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efrutchey said...


I'm glad you had a good week. The weight is a funny thing with this program. Just focus on your longterm goals when it comes to weight and it will be fine. I gained like 4 lbs. this last week just because I made a few not so good food choices. I also weighed myself just after I had that didn't help..

So I didn't see you this morning for Kenpo...I signed on at around 4:20am my time.....Karen, Ned and I went camping this weekend, so i wasn't home to Skype, but I still did get my workouts in. Core Syn yesterday was a Flop Sweat Bonanza! I was happy to have Kenpo and Stretch for the next two days. :-)

So we haven't inked up in a while. Seeing you tomorrow for stretch?

Love of love, Eddie