Friday, June 12, 2009

Body Fit Challenge Results

I ran with my friend Betsey at a torrent pace to the gym this morning for my final weigh in. My trainer was there hoping that I would weigh in and win the thing, but I knew it wasn't to be because I slowed down my weight loss this week to maintain my milk for Zoe.

During my weight loss challenge I tracked my food, my exercise, and my calorie intake all on one sheet, as well as my weight. Here is a snapshot (above - click on it) of how I tracked this info. This was a really great tool for me to keep my weight loss on track.

I plan to still loose at least around 2 pounds a week until my race at the end of August. My body just can't handle 5 pound weeks (which I had a few of during this challenge), while still maintaining my milk supply for my 4 month old daughter.

Today I ran 4.13 miles in 44:35 or a 10:48 pace (faster than this time last year).
Go Warriors!


efrutchey said...

Yeah Sisber! Well at least you got a small glimpse at what those biggest loser folk have to deal with.I think it is important to push ourselves to the extreme every now and then. It helps us to see that a normal workout schedule and eating routine throughout the midst of real life is not so hard to do after all.

Proud of ya Sis! I would be happy to run a 5 miler with ya. Wanna "push" the pace? Hee hee. I'm somewhere around 8:30 per mile confortably so maybe we can shoot for 9:30?

sharalyns said...

Good for you, Sarah! Where did you get the form? I think I need to do something like that. Also, any chance you'd give me some idea of what exercises you did each week? I'm desperate to lose these last 15 pounds, and I know I'm going about it all wrong.