Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Excerise Ideas

Someone posted on my last blog asking the following: "any chance you'd give me some idea of what exercises you did each week? I'm desperate to lose these last 15 pounds, and I know I'm going about it all wrong." I think this was my friend Shari from facebook, but since I'm not sure, I'll answer here just in case.

My trainer was very focused on two things diet (by counting calories) and then 1-2 hours of exercise a day. He stated up front that if we didn't change what we were eating our bodies would NOT loose weight no matter how hard we worked. I didn't like hearing this since I love to eat and I didn't want to learn how to count calories. I started keeping the food diary, which I can send you if you email me. This got me to cut out things like dessert and extra fat. I realized very quickly that I was eating a high fat diet, despite thinking I was healthy since I rarely eat beef or dairy (in part due to my husband's high cholesterol). So restricting my calories and eating lots of veggies and whole grains helped me drop up to 5 pounds on some weeks.

Exercise was the second part, and my trainer even states it is the 2nd in importance in a weight loss program. The key with the exercise is to change up what you are doing on a regular basis so your body doesn't get used to it. 1 hour of cardio and then 1 hour of weights a day is ideal. One week I did the following and lost 5 pounds that week:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 35 minutes elliptical trainer
15 minutes hard weight training
1 hour walking
Wednesday: 35 min run (am)
25 min fast lap swim (pm)
Thursday: 1 hour circuit training with trainer
(this includes exercises like squats and lots of situps, and then cardio to get your heartrate backup, and don't forget pushups).
Friday: 1 hour circuit training with trainer
Saturday: Ran a local 5k, 32 minutes
Sunday: 30 lap swim for recovery

Some of my favorite activities include:
Elliptical machine
Stair step machine
Swimming laps as fast as I can
Lifting weights (shoulder press, chest press, biceps, triceps)
Cycle classes
Circuit training
Squats with weights
Lunges with weights

Hope this helps others who want to try and loose some weight fast.
Reign in your eating and then add in the exercise and keep your body guessing on what you will do next.

Good luck!

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