Sunday, September 13, 2009

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

I am done with around 22 weeks of steady focus on weight loss. During this time I've lost 47 pounds of weight (2 pounds a week). The first 25 pounds were the remaining weight from my pregnancy and came off fairly rapidly. The last 19 pounds were harder to remove and I used an 8 week weight loss challenge at my gym to motivate me to keep pushing. I've carried that extra weight since my early 20s so it was harder to get rid of.

After an especially hard week of dieting and working out I weighted in at the gym yesterday morning weighing 137 pounds. I had lost 12.2% of my body weight since 8 weeks ago, and 25% of my body weight since early April (5 months ago). Loosing 1/4 of myself in 5 months has made me feel very strong and fast and lean. I also feel really excited about the future. I am very blessed to have the money and time for a gym membership and a support system of friends and family to help me meet this goal. At my weigh-in I had my brother Eddie who has been on his own weight loss journey for several years now and is always motivating me to eat better and meet him at the gym for early morning workouts. I also had my sister-in-law Karen who is a supportive friend when it comes to balancing our roles as mothers and athletes and breastfeeding mothers. I appreciate how she and my Mom were flexible with me when I brought her children or mine to the gym with me for workouts. My Mom was also at my weigh-in and she was my partner in this the whole way, even participating in a Spring weight loss challenge with me (doing push ups and sit ups which she hadn't done since college). Nate was at work but was there in spirit since he modified my diet and helped me track calories as well as watched the kids lots when I had to go to the gym. My brother Peter also watched the kids at home if they were napping and I had to make a training session, so thanks go out to him as well.

To celebrate we all met for sushi and Japanese beer at a fun local spot. We ate LOTS of sushi and I loved eating all that rice so late in the evening, along with the soy sauce. Thank you all for your support through this. Love you all. Sarah

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Jenny said...

Sarah - this is awesome and so motivating!! You inspire me. Glad you got to go out and celebrate - you deserve it after all this hard work!!