Sunday, November 15, 2009

Did you know I LOVE to run?

I went for another 30 minute run-while-the-kids-are-happy-and-before-things-get-crazy-while-Nate-is-watching-them, late last night from 5:30 to 6pm. I think I ran around a 9 minute mile and snuck in 3 miles. It was a little creepy running on the creek trail with the sun already completely gone. I made sure to only listen to one ear plug of my Ipod so I could hear people around me.

When I do get away to run like this I ask myself why it is something I enjoy so much. Humans don't usually do something regularly if they don't enjoy it, and since my friends and family have come to see me as a runner (since I run 3 or more times a week) I am starting to realize in hindsight that I do like running. Do I run for just weight loss or fitness or as an excuse to get away from children (thankfully they can't run as fast as me yet)? I guess I take running for granted and think everyone enjoys doing it and does it often, until folks refer to me as one of those "odd runner types". Then I look around myself and realize that running is something I don't have to do regularly, instead it is something I CHOOSE to do, and other CHOOSE NOT to do.

So why do I CHOOSE to run?...seems to be the pressing question which non-runners keep asking me.

I think the answer to this question is:
I Love to Run

Why? (as Lincoln would press the question further)

The answer to this goes back to when I started to run.
When I was 15 I moved to Oregon on my own to live with my grandparents on a farm.
My parents were going through a rough time.
And I was like Forest Gump, I would go and just run out in the country roads and fields.

I loved it.

Running made me feel young and fit. It gave me some quiet time to process my feelings. A run out in the field made me feel close to God and nature (I often had to play head butting games with our goats).

So why do I still run?
For many of the same reason. Quiet. Closeness to God. Nature (the stars were out last night). A calming effect on my soul. It is one of my life's constant stress release mechanisms.

Running has helped me get through many periods of my adult life (just like the title of my blog states).
I ran throughout college. I ran throughout my rockin' 20s (although I ate and drank and was merry throughout that time as well - leading to more weight gain).I ran while pregnant. I have run injured. I ran a marathon while grieving the death of my father. I ran during my first cooperate job. I ran through the darkest years of my marriage. I am now running through being a Mother of two and childcare provider of 4 and a wife of one great guy (who works long hours). I've run in California, then Oregon, than Washington, then California, then Kansas, then Missouri, and now California again. I've had lots of running partners too; from my high school basketball teammates, to Cara in college, Trish in grad school, Lisa in Kansas, Nate off and on where ever, My brother-in-law Will, My father-in-law Bill, Betsy here in Elk Grove, Eddie my brother here in Elk Grove, and my dog Edgar in Missouri (my props go out to you all, especially that poor beagle that I drug along behind me after 1 mile).

I must confess, looking back, I've run a lot!
I guess I must really LOVE to run.

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Eddie Frutchey (Little Bro) said...

Ummm, yes I would concur with that assessment :-) YOU LOVE TO RUN... Umm yeah. Running is growing on me as well. Since switching to triathlons a year and a half ago, I guess I have downgraded running to one of the three I need to train for. But when it really comes down to it, it is still the one I enjoy the most I think. Part of that is because of the memories I have training with you in honor of Dad. It IS a time to reflect, unwind and be thankful, that I CAN run... Although that might change when I get my rockin road bike next year.Cycling is a very close second. Keep it up Sis... You and I will be running and movin way into our 70s,80s and beyond. I can see us busting out Marathons even then and winning our age brackets :-)I am really looking forward to exercising and having active adventures more with our kids as they grow, and YES, as they speed up :-)