Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 5k

It was 32 degrees here in Overland Park, Kansas as I ran a new PR for the 5k over moderate hills, windy weather and with 5,000 others crowded next to me on narrow streets. While this is my fastest 5k yet, I wouldn't say it was the funnest, especially since I had no one to share it with. I think this is one of the first official 5ks I've gone to completely alone and it really did lack a sense of shared community for me. But in the end it did give me a nicer than expected time.

9:10 - Mile One
8:57 - Mile Two
8:12 - Mile Three
1:32 - last kick

27:22 - Total Time (8:48 per mile pace)
32:13 - my Thanksgiving 5k 6 years ago (age 25)
28:32 - my previous PR

The last mile I felt like I was going so slow and was so cold I couldn't feel my limbs. I was surprised at my time that mile, but really I just wanted to be done and go back to a warm house with friends and family to celebrate when will that turkey be done?

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Eddie Frutchey (Little Bro) said...

Yeah Sis. Running can get lonely without company. On my longer runs (6+ miles) it has been nice to have Mac along, but nothing is like a nice conversation with a friend to get your mind off of things like PRs mile markers and aches and pains. Way to go Sis. Wish I could have done it with ya.