Saturday, March 06, 2010

8 miles again

Today I felt great and pushed hard for 8 miles.
By mile 5 I was right on a 9 minute pace at 45:00.
Things got a bit dodgy and confusing when I followed some training partners past a turn off. But my final time was somewhere near 73:00 (9:07) and by last mile was the fastest!

This was four minutes faster than I ran this distance just a month ago.

Next week is a light week as we rest before our half marathon on March 14th.
I would be amazed and delighted to run this pace for the half marathon, finishing at a total time of 1:59.

There will be a pacing teams there so I guess I'll start with the 2 hour pacing team and see where that leads me. If I fade at the end of the race at least I'll start with being hopeful. I know you are supposed to start conservatively but I know I can run this pace for almost 9 miles (might as well hope the last 4 I can maintain this pace). We shall see!

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