Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest Day

When you run to stay in shape you often only keep track of your mileages, since numbers are fun and your speed. But I should really also mention how often I just rest from running. Life is all about balance. So I try to go running when I feel like running. If I don't feel like it I try to rest that day.

After running 10 miles on Sat, and then racing in a speedy 5k on the next day, I did nothing on Monday (except garden a lot). My back was sore and my legs fatigued on Tuesday and that along with a rainstorm led my training team to cycle indoors instead of run. I was relieved to not push my legs with another run. Today, Wednesday, I might still rest from running as I feel fatigued.

I'll save up my energy for a run on Thursday morning when Nate can help watch the kids.

I plan to keep running my 20 miles a week...but that includes days of rest which are relaxing and allow my legs to recover their vigor.


William said...

Three cheers for rest. The point is not to be in great shape in 2010 -- though that is good. The point is to be in great shape in 2020 and 2030 and 2040.

Sarah said...

well said Will

Sarah said...

I'll be 62 in 2040; and I hope to still run half marathons!