Monday, May 10, 2010

Reengage Weight Maintainance Plan

It has been almost two months since I was actively training for a specific race.
Due to this lack of focus over the last two months I've gained about 8 pounds. Without a race to train for I put my fitness goals and running self on the back burner and focused instead more on my other roles of mother and wife. These roles shouldn't be in competition but sometimes are when you can't find babysitting or a T-ball practice is at the same time your running group meets to run. But I'm starting to feel out of balance, no quiet time or space for me which I get when I run, since I've decreased my running from 20 miles a week down to 5 or less! This was also due to a bout I had with illness and a reoccurring tummy ache.

Here are the steps towards restarting a weight loss or maintenance plan.

Step One. Weigh yourself.

Nothing cuts through the denial than seeing your weight gain on the scale and staring it in the face. I'm up to 146 from my low of 137.

Step Two. Set a Goal.

Mine is to loose 6 pounds in 3 weeks while I train for my 9 miles I'll have to run in Haiti.

Step Three. Create a schedule.

Food diary and calorie counting must start again as well as a workout calendar.

Step Four. Enlist some help.

I've paid the $40 for the gym to watch my kids while I work out in May. I'm begging friends and family to help watch the kids when I run on Tues and Sats with my running group.

Step Five. Compete with friends.

I'm challenging other friends to loose 6 pounds in three weeks with me. Want to join in on the competition?


sharalyns said...

Ok--I'll join you! That 6 pounds would get me to within 11 pounds of my goal weight.

A said...

I am seriously tempted...I need some sort of motivation to lose around 10 lbs...

mr said...

Nice practical plan