Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interval Training

We ran three intervals of 1.44 miles around the park with my training group.
I'm not sure I would ever have the focus to do intervals alone. It is really hard to push yourself to run that fast by yourself.

I ran the first loop at 8:13 pace
The second in 8:35 pace
The final in 8:45 pace

It was windy and that made us feel a bit slow but I am pleased with my pacing. I am surprised my last loop around the park was still below 9 min mile pace since I was feel really tired.

I'd love to run the 5k run on May 15th at the Running Zone in under 8 minute pace (or even to just maintain that 8:13 that I kept up for 1.44 miles!). That would be a 25:30 time and would keep me on the fun honor board they have for age divisions at the back of the running store (I'm 3rd place for age 30 - 34 with a time of 26:04 right now).


William said...

How much rest between?

Running (at presumably lactate threshold pace) for 3x2.3km averaging 12:16 suggests about 25:10 5K fitness.

Sarah said...

3 minutes of rest