Thursday, December 02, 2010


I believe in God.

I believe that I'm NOT God.

But sometimes I try to run faster then God.

This week I'm hardly running at all. I'm resting. My marathon is four days so this is called a taper. When you hardly run at all and store up food and water for the hardest run yet. I feel a lot of pent up energy. I want to go out with a bang.

But even when the gun goes off I will have to run slow. Slower then I will want to run.
In order to finish at a steady pace instead of slowly walking to the finish line. I will still be waiting. Through mile one to mile 20 to really let my legs go the pace they want to go.

Spiritually...I also get impatient with God. I want to go and with God make things right with people right away. I crave unity. I hate conflict. And I rarely enjoy waiting for resolution.

So this week I'm trying to practice waiting. Being patient with myself, others, and with God.

At some point I will run with all my might...just.......not.........yet.........

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