Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Motivation

I ran the Sactuary of Hope 5k this past Sunday. It was a trail run Challenge Course which markets itself as the hilliest 5k in the nation. I ran it in around 52 minutes with a very friendly 58-year-old women as my pace partner the whole way. Her name was Jan and she kept turning back to this 29-year-old and holding out her hand to help me up the steep hills. The hills were constant up and down, severe grade, over slippery grass, mud and bark trail. But that really is no excuse to be in the shape I am in. Having a very nice but older runner drag me through the course, made me realize that I'm only young once. I should push myself further in my training, and get back it much better shape. I haven't been able to walk up and down our stairs without howling in pain the last few days. This has been a humbling experience, but I'm ready for more and that is a good thing!

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kiki said...

keep up the good work. You will improve your time and get in better shape if you keep at it.