Monday, May 28, 2007

Failure and then Success

I only made it six straight days of running 2 miles a day. Then I took four days off from running for no really good reason. But today I ran the Amy Thompson 5k and set a new Post Pregnancy Personal Record. Somewhere around 34 minutes and 30 seconds.
I was averaging 11 minute miles. And this was a hilly course on a humid morning, with a crowded field of runners. I could have dipped into the 10 minute mile range had it been less hilly I think.

This week my goals are to take my thyroid medication faithfully, so that I have the energy to get out the door and exercise. I am now focusing my eyes on my several future 5k races. One is June 16th, a little charity race for an amazing interfaith retreat center, called the Sanctuary of Hope. Then I run my first trail 5k in July. I hope to put up better and better times at each event.


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Marcy said...

You did GREAT!!! Congrats on the new PR!! Hilly and humid = no good LOL so that's wonderful that you were able to pull out a PR from that!!

I'm sure you WILL keep pulling up better and better times! ;D Can't wait to hear about the June 16th race!