Friday, August 10, 2007

Come and Get the Mommy!!!!

I had a rest day after my great swim. Then I made it the gym last night with baby in tow. I went straight to the elliptical trainer and got in a 1/2 hour of exercise.

I went to check on my baby at the YMCA child care and he was a total mess, sobbing in the child care providers arms. I told them to come and get me right away if he cries!!! I swear these people think that Mommys don't want to see their crying babies. Don't they know that we are instinctually built to want to hold our babies when we cry - its part of the evolutionary process. Jeez!

When I dropped him off they reassured me that, "Don't worry we will only come and get you after he cries for 10 minutes straight. We won't bother you." I gently explained that I am the type of Mommy that wants to be "bothered" by my crying baby. "Come and get me right away, I don't want him to cry for 10 minutes." I don't think I was listened to. It is time for me to get pushy. Next time I go in there I'm going to say to at least two of the workers, "If he cries I want to know about it. If you can't get him to stop crying quickly, he needs to nurse and unless you are willing to nurse him you better come and get me RIGHT AWAY! - or I will complain to your boss." The "I will complain to your boss" part is the only new addition. Hopefully it will get my point across more fully.

It took me a whole nursing session right there in the child care area to calm him down. It makes it hard for me to feel motivated to go the gym when it causes "harm" to my baby every time. But in this heat going to the gym is my only option.

Today, I'm going to go swimming on my way home from work so that I don't have to subject my son to child care again. Argh!!!!


Eddie Frutchey said...

Hey Sis:

Sounds like you had quite the traumatic day with Lincoln at the gym. It really is hard to find good childcare these days. It seems the only people willing to take the jobs are either too young and inexperienced or to old and not with it enough to do the job. We have had the hardest time filling our childcare provider position at our church, and the number of kids just keeps growing and growing. I finally figured out how to get an extra day of exercise with Ned. On Tuesdays we usually go to Mom's for dinner, so instead of the two of us going there and sitting around for an hour and a half, I drop him of and play a little tennis down the road at EGHS with Robert. Then once of twice a I now go swimming and Karen's Aunt's house, also in EG. Family does make the process far easier, thats for sure. Just keeping doing what you are doing, and being the awesome Mama you are. You'll figure something out, I know it.

Lots of love, Eddie

Sarah said...

Thanks for the encouragement Eddie!