Sunday, August 05, 2007

Heat Equals Sweat Equals I'm Awesome!

So it is 95 degrees here with 53% humidity, which makes it feel well over 100 degrees F. After a brief excursion outside into the heat with my 11 month old son (we played in the hose water), I opted to exercise at the gym.

My foot is still not healed enough to allow me to run, so I got on the eliptical for 30 minutes and then pushed myself through a 30 minute circuit training workout. The gym was somewhat warm, or maybe I'm just out of shape, but with my IPOD cranking I was just drippin' sweat everywhere.

I really felt like I pushed myself even though I'm "injured." And this workout reminded me NOT to buy into the fallacy that if one part of you is sort of hurt, you might as well not exercise at all.

I was motivated to get out the door and exercise again after watch the footage of the Ironman Tri on T.V. today. People were finishing who had only one leg, or were 76 years old. I thought, ummm, I think I can exercise a bit, if they can do that.

What a lazy butt I have been!!!!

It felt good to get out the door, in the gym, and pushing myself again. Now I just need to plan a schedule to make this a normal routine! Wish me luck.

And here is a picture of the cutest boy in the world, my son.


Eddie Frutchey said...

Yeah! Another blog posting from my Sis! I'm so excited... I also saw the ironman on TV Sis. What amazing atheletes, your not kidding. All with their own story of inspiration to tell.

Have you clicked on my personal site the link that says "my heros"? Is chronicles Team Hoyt. I would recommend you watch the short movie it will bring you to. Gets me crying everytime I watch it. It really puts in perspective what is trully important in life. Family....and Love......

I give you props Sis for working so hard this past weekend. You are sooo right about it being easy to say "I won't work out today, because I have an injury" Good job!
I played tennis on Saturday morning at 6:40am against Robert. I'm starting to really get good!

Robert and I used to go back and forth with each of us winning. Now in the past three sets again him I have gone an amazing 5-0, 6-0, 6-2.....Against Dan I have won the last 5 sets we have played. I don't know what I am doing, but it is working.

My plan is to play tennis with Robert after work on one other day during the week, either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. This will only help me to get even better. Just think if I actually had a decent serve or backhand, or volley game :-) Who knows what I would win by....Wait a minute! I guess all I have is a forahand then. Hmmmmmm , (don't let me secret out ) well as of now it seems to be enough :-)

Love you lots Sis, keep working hard.....I can't wait til you guys move back here.....I think we will keep eachother SUPER accountable with our fitness and health, which is what we both need and crave.

lots of love,
Your Little Bro - Eddie

Sarah said...

Isn't my brother the coolest for reading my blog and posting his own blog in response. You rock Eddie!