Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good Swim

I took a rest day yesterday. And swam 15 laps today in the pool. I tried a new breathing technique where I waited three or four strokes between breaths. I usually breath every other stroke. Waiting to breathe really pushed me and made the workout feel much harder. I'm bummed that my foot doesn't seem to be getting any better, just a lingering soreness in the heal, which means I should NOT be running. But it looks like my renewed effort to eat less and exercise this week may have lost me a few pounds. It's hard to say though because our home scale varies by 5 pounds every day I way in. I don't think its very good. I'll have to do weigh ins at the gym. I'm shooting for 150 or lower, I'm still around 168. This is the exact weight I was at when I got pregnant in Dec of 2005. So NOT BAD for having a 9 pound baby just last September. But I have my hyper-thyroid to thank for most of my weight loss. I want to be a better starting weight for the next pregnancy, which is NOT right around the corner, to any family members that may be wondering!


Eddie Frutchey said...

YES! Your brother does ROCK.... :-)
What can I say Sis, I like checking with you and encouraging you to work towards your goals. In many ways you were the reason for my complete change in fitness. When you called me 3 years ago to suggest that you and I join Team in Training to run a marathon for Dad, the very last thing on my mind was running.....let alone running for fun..... You opened m eyes to a world I may have never seen. A world of fitness and fun that I know now I will never leave for the rest of my life.

Ince you get the bug, you never want to go back to the person you were. The person who thought of fitness as a "well I'll fit it in it I can" thing.....Now I look forward to coming up with new and creative ways to exercise and have fun while doing it. And I have you to thank for that.

My advice to you about the scale Sis, is to only get on it every 2-3 weeks at most. Just do everything you can, eat right, and exercise to your full potential and the pounds will take care of themselves. I have found that when I get on the scale to often, no matter what the read out, I get down on myself, thinking that I could have done more, eaten less, ran faster, burned more calories. And that kind of thinking only impedes my progress.

Example: I don't have a scale at my house (which is on purpose) and I usually check my weight at Mom's house. For a while I was doing it once a week. And my weight just kept going from 247-249. 5-7 lbs. above my lowest. No matter how often I checked my weight I was unhappy with the results. Yesterday I checked after waiting a full 3 weeks, and I made it down to 245!

Just do what you can, and all will fall into place Sis. My next goal is the 230s, but it will happen when it happens. Until then I will be playing tennis twice a week, swimming 2-3 a week and eating right. Only good things can happen when I am focused on my goal and most importantly when I am thinking positively about myself!

Lots of love Sis.....Check out my blog to. I will be putting one in today about my tennis match yesterday....Lets just say it brought me down to earth, very humbling :-(

Love ya, Eddie

Sarah said...

Cool post from my brother Eddie!