Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My brother Will challenged me to question the numbers a bit more.
The YMCA did a BMI height and weight calculator that stated I was at 27.1 in my BMI - which is overweight. They also did a 7-pinch Jackson-Pollack test but didn't explain it well to me. Nate found a place on line for me to enter my pinch results-
Luckily I'm pretty small on all my waist-up measurements, leading to a BMI of 23.6, which is considered normal or ideal for my frame!

Yipee. I guess buff muscles lead to me weighing more - but I love being strong! It is easier to pick up my baby and throw him that way - Lincoln, not Nate - but someday maybe Nate ;-).


William said...

I ought to check my OWN arithmetic before criticizing others!

A height of 1.63m (64 inches) and a weight of 72kg (159 pounds) DOES correspond to a BMI of 27.1.

72 ÷ 1.63^2 = 27.1

And I STRONGLY suspect, Sis, that you have a lower body fat percentage than most 27 BMIers.

Eddie said...

Hey Sis.....Check out my personal homepage, let me know what you think!

Love ya, Eddie

Dad (& Mom) in WA said...

I don't know . . .
At the rate you're going there's sure tobe less o you to love: will we all be able to cope wiht that? Well, I guess so if there's more of Lincoln to love.

Keep up the great work. M&D