Sunday, January 27, 2008

RE: Official Results

I had an official fitness test at the YMCA today, my first since this time last year. I found out that I'm actually officially 5 feet 4 inches tall, yipes, an inch and a half shorter than I have always thought. This means my healthy goal weight should be lower than I thought; it should be somewhere in the range of 110 (which is what I weighed in 4th grade - impossible) and 145 (which is what I weighed my Senior year of college). Basically back during my Freshman year of college when I was running a lot and could do 35 pushups, and weighed 127 pounds and thought I was fat - I was actually at an ideal weight for my frame.

So even though I still have some weight to still loose, like at least 18 pounds to at most around 30 pounds (sigh), the GOOD news is how far I have come.

I had a fitness test 6 weeks after having my son Lincoln in Oct. 2006 and can now compare those results to my results today - and I am happy! So in 16 months since Lincoln has learned how to walk and communicate and I have grown as well.

Positive changes since 6 weeks after labor:
  • I've lost 32 pounds
  • I've lowered my fat weight by 38% and achieved an average lean body mass rating.
  • I've lowered my BMI from 33 to 27.
  • I've increased my maximum bench press from 110 lbs (well below average) to 140 lbs. (well above average).
  • I've increased my maximum leg press from 220lbs (below average) to 300 lbs (well above average).
  • My cardiovascular health is rated as average after being well below average after my pregnancy.
  • And I am well above average in flexibility as I can reach over 7 inches past my toes!
Onward and upward I must say. This is not a time for stopping. Time to keep forging ahead.

Wish me luck.


William said...

Math doesn't add up, Sis!

163cm (5'4") + 27 BMI = 66kg (146 pounds)

Is it really 163cm, 72kg (158 pounds) for a BMI of 32?

You've got an awful lot of muscle for a BMI over 30.

Eddie Frutchey said...

You have to know Will would chime in with statistical analysis :-)

He Sis! Keep up the good work. This past week I have found my stride again as well, and have worked out 5 out of the last 7 days. It feels great, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow....YOGA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

My weight is staying around 239, but I am losing inches in the gut and feeling great. That is what is the most important. I miss us having our little Skype workouts together....but I can hear you grunting me on as I workout. I go to work at 8 now instead of 7, so workouts start around 5:30-6 my time.
Keep up the good work. You are inspiring :-)

Brother Eddie

Sarah said...

Actually Will, they did an additional pinch test and the results came back with a BMI of 23.6. I couldn't decipher the results until Nate found a calculator online at the following website.