Monday, August 10, 2009

I Need a Heroine...cue the music

And I don't have to look far.
There are plenty of AMAZING female athletes I can look to to get inspiration when I'm worn down in my own training.

Deana Kastor (female bronze Olympic marathoner in 2004 and American Record Holder)
-I like how her husband can only keep up with her running pace by riding next to her on a racing bike.
-She also does lunges in this one documentary while prepping for her 2006 win of the Chicago marathon, in such blistering speed and for such a long time that my jaw dropped to the floor.
This video shows her winning her Olympic medal.

Cheryl Hayworth (bronze Olympic medalist in female weightlifting)
-She has made the Olympic team three times
-Her highest weight lift over her head is 285 kg (628 pounds) in two events, and American Record.
This video shows her setting new records.

Dara Torres (silver medalist in 50m Olympic swim in 2004)
She's 42 and just swam in the finals of the World Championships
She has a 3 year old to take care of too.
Nuff is an article that says the same.

Joan Benoit Samuelson (Olympic Gold medalist 1984 in the marathon)
Oh yeah, and she ran in the trails again last year at age 50.
I met her and shook her hand and talked to her about how awesome she is. She told me I was awesome for running to raise money for cancer research. I replied I guess we are both awesome!

After watching this video I think I can go out and push myself a little harder.
These women are so inspiring.

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