Monday, August 17, 2009

Sympathy Weight

My husband has displayed sympathy weight recently. We both think he gained a bit during this pregnancy and then last night he showed some "sympathy weight" by going to the gym with me and lifting weights (which is not his cup of tea) and then we weighed him. While I've lost 40 pounds since Zoe came home from the hospital, Nate has lost 15 pounds. Not only has he lost weight with me without even realizing it he has sympathized with my weight loss goals with all the support he has given me. Let me count the ways!

1) Invented new recipes to stay within my diet.
2) Asked me if I could eat a dessert and stay within my calorie count for the day. If I can't he doesn't make it for himself either.
3) Watched the kids before work in the mornings so that I can get in a quick daily run.
4) Given me training tips, since he ran cross country in high school.
5) Bought me skinny clothes to help me celebrate my success.
6) Reassured me that I look great and not to get to down on myself on an off week.
7) Massage my tired muscles.
8) Make me an ice bath.
9) Push the kids in strollers while I ran a 5k.
10) Babysit the kids with grandparents helping during a 10k.
11) Buying me a gym membership and new running gear without complaint.
12) Reading my blog and chatting with me about it.

Having a spouse or friend cheer you on through a goal like this is essential. I am so glad that Nate has been there with me to gain and loose the sympathy weight and provide me with the sympathy I needed to keep pushing towards my goal.
I couldn't have been as successful without him.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have an awesome Husband! What are you going to do to thank him?

Nate said...

(Okay, I admit, I wrote that first comment.) Love you.

Sarah said...

My husband is also really funny.