Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Packing for Relay

I've confronted a cold bug with a death stare the last few days saying,"You will not make me sick for this race!" Trying to balance being a full-time Mom of two under age 3 and daycare provider for 2 more during the day, and tapering for this race, and getting better for this race has been a challenge.

But so far, my head is somewhat still clear. I hope to get three nights in row as of tonight of good sleep. I've rested from exercise for several days. And now I'm attempting to pack for my flight to Seattle tomorrow morning while my 6 month old squirms on the floor and wants to be talked to.

I'll be traveling with:
1) Two kids and no Dad (he has to stay home and work)
2) Two carseats
3) One suitcase
4) One breastpump
5) Lots of running gear (three outfits), first aid kid, Garmin, headlamp, fuel etc.
6) 60oz of frozen breastmilk for Grandma Tina to use while watching Zoe.
7) and NO Cold Bug!

Wish me luck!

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