Saturday, February 13, 2010

A One Year Old Child

Today we celebrate Zoe's birthday a few weeks before the actual day.
This time last year I was fully pregnant waiting to meet my baby girl and weighing about 75 pounds more than I do now.

Right now, in my life, I can really say I am truly happy. Each day I get to celebrate my children and my home, and my husband, and my health. I live in the land of plenty and I do not want. Zoe is walking, flirting, giggling, and is such a joy to be with and so is Lincoln and my nephews Joel and Ned.

Yesterday I was presented with a full-time job offer to return to work. It would add some serious money to our family income. However, I'm finding, my heart is just happy doing what I'm doing. I feel crazy with delight. Perhaps even crazy enough to say, "No thanks." Crazy.

So my run this morning was spent pondering these things. I have until Tuesday to make up my mind. But is my mind already made up?
Not sure. I can be flexible.

It felt great to run 9 miles this morning in the following timeframes.
Mile 1 = 9:23
Mile 2 = 9:19
Mile 3 = 9:07
Mile 4 = 9:20
Mile 5 = 9:42
Mile 6 = 9:46
Mile 7 = 9:40 (66:19)
Mile 8 = 9:43 (76:03)
Mile 9 = 9:00 something
Total = 85:00 (9:30 pace)

I definitely couldn't have done this a year ago!

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sharalyns said...

Happy Birthday to Zoe!

Good for you! I'm at that place myself. I just need to lose these last 12 pounds that don't want to go anywhere. ;-)