Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Speed Ladder

Tonight our group did a fun workout that was different than the long run or tempo run, it was speedwork around the track. Each lap around the track is around 400 meters.

The workout and my pace is below:
800 meter warmup
400 meter run (1:50)
1 minute walk
800 meter run (4:00)
1:30 minute walk
1200 meter run (6:10)
2 minute walk
800 meter run (4:10)
1 minute walk
400 meter run (1:50)
800 meter cooldown (4:20)

So we ran around 3.25 miles and I ran on average near an 8 minute mile.
I can't believe how much faster I am getting. It just is amazing to me. Whenever I look down at my watch and see my pace lingering around 8 or even 7:50 pace and I feel good I just say to myself, "if feels good keep at it."

My teammates are real encouraging and told me today that I am one of the fast runners, no longer considered a jogger. I remind them that for seven plus years I ran around an 11 minute mile on my regular runs and that this new pace, which puts me at the head of the crowd surprises me. No one really believes me when I say this, least of all myself.

Anyways, I recommend the workout we did today. It was fun and it forces you to try and maintain a fast pace the entire run. And Jenny I think you will just get faster and faster as your body gets healthier. Track work like this can do wonders too.

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