Thursday, April 01, 2010

How to spell ennui

I guess I'm bored or maybe just satisfied after my successful half marathon on March 14th. I then caught a two week slight cold that was just tough enough that I only went running twice in the last two weeks. I quickly gained a few pounds and now feel a bit out of it with my running.

Thankfully my brother is rescuing me again by coordinating 5k run this Saturday that I must run in this time since it is actually starting at my front door. I also have a legitimate shot at winning the women's division AND coming in 2nd or 3rd place overall. So I better get myself running sometime today.

Another bummer is that my gym is adding child care fees to the mix (I knew it was a matter of time). If I want childcare for Lincoln and Zoe so that I can get a treadmill run in during the evenings I'll have to pay around $40 a month. Sigh. Or I could just start getting up earlier in the morning and going to the gym before Nate leaves for work.

We also just got some rough family news and it just makes me sick thinking about it. One of those things that just swirls around in your head and you wake up thinking why am I sad, oh yeah that. So now I could really use a run. Thankfully time with kids can also make me feel better too.

I'm running a 10k race on April 11th and then won't train for another race until our family relay race on July 23rd (after Haiti). Our whole lives are being planned pre and post Haiti at this point.

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