Monday, April 05, 2010

I'll run a mile for $100 donated ....and I'll run it in Haiti!

Our Haiti relief team leaves on June 5th to help the Clay's who run the non-profit organization "The Apparent Project" in Port au Prince. While there, we will deliever relief supplies directly to needy single mothers who need resources such as: tents, tarps, baby formula, baby food etc. We will also be doing a daily school for street kids helping them process the trauma of the earthquake through artwork, song, reassuring Scripture telling them that they matter to God, and also a daily meal and medical care.

In order to do these tasks we still need to raise around $5000 for these relief supplies and for the cost of feeding and housing our team while we are in PAP.

I've contacted my dear friends Corrigan and Shelley Clay about my crazy idea to run one mile through the streets of Port-au-Prince in the high temps and humid conditions in June for every $100 you donate.
They said they know where I can run safely.

You can give less than $100 to pay for a partial mile if you like too! Whatever you give helps.
$1 pays for a meal for a street child
$3 pays for a tarp for a family
$5 pays for a bottle of infant tylenol
$10 pays for a case of baby food
$25 pays for a tent for a family

$100 pays for lots of these necessities.

So if I can commit to doing something that terrifies me - that being running in extreme temperatures and through streets of rubble in Port au Prince, will you commit to donating funds to help Haitians?

To donate go to this link (
and make sure when donating through paypal to type "Sarah Runs a Mile"
That way the Clay's will tell me what has been given toward our efforts and how much I need to run.

If you want the money to be used to specifically buy supplies you can mail it in check form to:
Sarah Woodward
Attn: Cornerstone Church
9625 Gage Street
Elk Grove, CA. 95624

Write the check to Cornerstone Church with the note "Sarah Runs a Mile" on the memo line.
Write me a note saying what supplies you want purchased with your check.

Thank you already for your generousity. Every dollar you spend will go right to the needs of Haitians. We can't wait to post pictures showing you how your donations will be helping rebuild Haitian lives and dignity.

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