Friday, June 24, 2011

A Blank Sheet

I logged into my garmin online account after months - 7 to be exact - and cannot locate any of my previous data on my years of running! So frustrating. But I guess it is also freeing. Now I only have my memory of my fastest Personal records to remember. No more obsessing about the highs and lows of my previous running career.

I have 51 days till the likely birth of this baby. Within two weeks after his birth, somewhere near Labor Day, I should have only about 25 pounds to loose to get back to prepregnancy weight. I figure with some healthy eating, breastfeeding, and some swimming and weights I can start working out 5 weeks or so after his birth. It won't take me long.

I plan to be back to 145 by hmmmmmmm Halloween. Hopefully my leg injury will also mend if I do lots of yoga, swimming, and massage to get my weight down. After Halloween, if my leg doesn't hurt, then I can start running more in earnest. I could run in a CIM relay team in December!

Or I could run a half marathon in February.

It is always good to envision the path ahead. Since I've lost my data about how I did this before I'll just have to go by feel this time.

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