Tuesday, May 22, 2007

20 day update

Day Five: Monday, May 21st ran to Waldo Pizza on the Trolley Trail from our house. I was very slow due to it being eight hours since I ate or drank anything. This was a full 2 mile run with hills. Husband and baby ran with me!

Day Six: today, plan to run Loose Park. or do another late night run with husband.
Oops never mind. Didn't get to the park yet again. But I did set a new record for myself, I will call it the nursing cool down. Had to go for a run at 10:30pm because I put it off all day. Husband came with me and pushed baby in the jogging stroller. 1.25 miles into the run we are three blocks from home and baby wakes up very confused and crying. I take him out of the stroller and nurse him while we walk the rest of the way home. I guess I was burning lots of calories doing a nurse/walk; I wonder how many... ;)



Marcy said...

Hi, I followed you from Michelle's blog ;D That's the way to do it, bfing on the go! If I remember correctly it's around 20 cals burned per 1 oz of BM. Not too shabby, huh? ;) Great job on the run! You have more dedication then I did right after having a baby!

Eddie (Little Bro) said...

UPDATES UPDATES I need more updates! :-)
You should be on day #9 now.

Love ya, Eddie