Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two Miles a Day, to infinity and beyond.

My Coach from when I ran my first marathon, is an inspiring ultra-marathoner, named Koach Karl. Karl is currently running 26 marathons in 26 days around the Kansas City area to raise money and awareness for Team in Training.

I saw him on his tenth day on May 10th and was inspired. I figure if another human being can run a marathon A DAY for weeks in a row, I can at the very least run two miles a day for at least as many days in a row as he can.

Karl had to stop after 10 straight days of marathons.
I am going to make it my goal to double his 10 days.

I therefore commit to run 2 miles a day for 20 straight days.
I've already completed 2 days, as I started this endeavor on Friday, May 17th.
I will take my first day off on June 6th, IF I need it!

I ran on May 17th, during my lunch break while I as down in Overland Park. I ran probably 1.5 miles during the midday heat.

I ran on May 18th, during my lunch break around Crown Center, up and over the WWI memorial. I need to make this a daily habit, and next week should bring all my gear to work with me and start and end from the same place. I am a creature of habit and it would be especially good to start this workout habit within my workday.

Today I will run later tonight, right before dinner.

To many this might not seem to be a big task, to others it might seem insurmountable. The goal here is that I want to become a person who is consistent and disciplined about something. If I make it past 20 days and increase my daily mileage to 3 or 4 miles A DAY, that is even better! I figure trying to set these daily endurance records is a way to motivate myself to be in better and better shape.

Update on my thyroid: I decided to take the medication to help with my hypothyroidism. I have my first doctors appointment on June 1st, and I will ask lots of questions about whether all this is related to just having my first child.

Update on my anxiety: Slowly but surely God is calming my heart about being in my house on my own. The burglary earlier this month made me very jumpy, but I figure I can't be afraid all the time.




Eddie (Little Bro) said...

Hey Sis!

Good for you. This is quite the plan you have laid out before yourself. I'm sure you will complete it with flying colors. I am committing to a similar goal, well sort of. I have cycled to and from work the last two Fridays, and plan to make it a habit to ride to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There is nothing like riding in to work along the Sacramento River looking to my right and seeing miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic. Not only do I feel good about getting the exercise, but I feel like I am helping the environment by not being just another poluter on the road. The mileage is 17 miles one way (which takes me about an hour and a half) so that is 34 miles in on day. On Mondays and Wednesdays I will need to pick up Ned from daycare so that will add at least another 6 miles to the journey. So thats 40, 40 and 34.....114 miles of cycling per week. We'll see how it goes.

Proud of you Sis.Keep it up, and keep those blogs coming :-) I'll do the same...Eddie

Sarah said...

That is incredible Eddie! I get tired just doing an easy day ride of around 10 miles!
You will be in great shape so fast after that.