Sunday, May 20, 2007

20 days, 2 miles a day

Attached is a picture of my team at the Brew to Brew on April 1st of this year and me at the hand off point. I always want to be in shape enough to run a 5k with no problems or do other road races like this one. I will be running a 5k on Memorial Day with family.

So here is the summary of how my current goal to run for 20 days in a row, is going.
Day One: Thursday May 17th, 20 minute run around Overland Park midday.
Day Two: Friday May 18th, 30 minute walk/run around Crown Center during my lunch break.
Day Three: Sat. May 19th, 25 minute run around neighborhood at 10pm, I gutted this one out, really wanted to just go to bed.

Day Four: Sunday, May 20th, ran 1.5 miles, out and back route from my house. I bit hilly but makes for a quick 20 minute or so run.

This does take planning and focus...

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