Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drum roll please

I weighed in at 159 pounds, which means I've lost 7 pounds in two months. Now I need to set my sights on the 140s! I weighed 148 on my wedding day, so that would be a nice milestone to reach again. It is a big deal that I'm out of the 160s actually since I have been in the 160s for the last 4 years, with only one short exception. I hope to retrain my body to never think that is a good equalization point.

My brother has also challenged me to a 90 day intensive work out program called PS90X. I took the before photos today which were humbling. I plan to do this and am buying the weights needed. I hope this will push my body onto an even lower level.

Attached is the only before photo I'm willing to share on-line.
I call this one my "game face." Bring it on little bro. I ain't scared of your stinking 1 hour a day workout program.

I think it should push my weight down in the 140s before Christmas, which would be awesome because at this time last year I was in the 190s! 50 pounds in one year is awesome especially when I think about what a year it has been, of becoming a new Mom and struggling with my thyroid not working. Way to go me!

Oh and the YMCA gave me a T-shirt, book on the YMCA and a water bottle for working out so much in the month of September and tracking my workouts on their computer. Yeah for me! I think I ended up finishing 7th in their month-long competition. Rock on!!!


efrutchey said...

Ahhh YES! The Challenge has been thrown down, AND ACCEPTED :-) Let the FUN BEGIN!

I am so stoked that you and Peter will be joining me on P90X Sis... The three of us doing it together will only make us all stronger. Never hearts to get those competitive juices flowing you know.
Since it has been almost a 6 months since me last time through the program I wanted to use this week to get back in the flow again. Mainly the getting up at 4am bit, I think the workouts themselves will be okay. This morning I got up at 4:30am and did a AB Ripper X routine. Figured I'd start with the area that needed the most work, and YES I am FEELING it now, sitting at my desk.. :-)

This is really going to be FUN! Peter and I are ready to go Sis, just give us the word on your end. We all need to do our FIT TESTS in the next couple days. So hopefully by next weekend we will be starting. I would like to propose Sunday morning the 21st as our first day of 90....What do you think?

I always play tennis on Saturday mornings, so I would like that day to be the Rest/Stretch Day as far as P90X is concerned. This way I won't have to double up on workouts that day. Make sense?

Do talk about my goals a bit....I am right now 242 lbs. Before I started P90X for the first time I was 266 lbs. My goal for this time around is to FIRST....make sure all three of us complete the 90 program happier, healthier and injury free....secondly I would like to get down to say....225 lbs. be the end. I know losing the weight will not be as easy as the first time, but I think another 18 lbs. for me is feesible.

So here we go SIS! Time to get FIT as a FAM! I LOVE IT! You have created a monster you know....I'm am officially a fitness junky like you, a far cry from the man I used to be, pre-runner, pre-marathoner.. LETS ROCK!

matt said...

that is great that you are doing this as a family...what a way to bond and push each other!

great job on getting into the 150s again. you will see that wedding day number again sooner that you think :)

dad said...

You shrink, girl! Love Dad