Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Over the river and through the cold

to a house full of cough and fitness videos we go! Kleenex's and cough medicine are all over our house as well as used airline tickets from two trips in the last 5 days. No wonder it was difficult for me to keep my perfect streak going. So after pridefully challenging my brothers onto perfection, I got sick with a head cold, went on a weekend trip to St. Louis and had an 18 hour travel and work day to Baltimore in the last week. Since last Wednesday I've only done two of the 7 workouts.

I did Chest & Back on Monday and Yoga X (the whole 90 minutes) on Halloween night. I did do 20 minutes of the Plyometrics video before my son asked for my attention (and my legs were so sore just from the warm up that I fear what the whole DVD will do to me). I also ran 1.5 miles while pushing Lincoln in his stroller last Thursday (which was a feet since I did have a head cold).

I'm back on track and feel strong. That Yoga workout was intense and was way harder then any class I've ever taken. I was amazed at how far I could stretch at the end. I was able to hug each one of my legs when they were stretched out straight.


Eddie Frutchey (Bro) said...


Getting sick happens...and believe me you did the right thing by toning down the workouts until you felt better. I injured myself ( with a slightly pulled groin)playing tennis at day 75 last time and got a little head cold at the same time. This make my final 2 weeks on the program very rough going. BUT, I just pushed through and did what my body would allow each day and finished the program off with pride. We will all have our high and low moments while we are doing this. Sometimes life will simply get in the way to even when are bodies are ready to go. Whatever comes at you, just push through it and bring it when you can. The most time you get in, the more your body will adapt to the higher level of fitness you are doing, which will bring change that much faster. I have been lucky so far. I have only subbed one workout out, on a day I played tennis. I would have to say though, EVERY morning that alarm goes off at 4am, I DO NOT WANT TO GET UP! But somehow I do. And after my workout, I am so glad that I did. This feeling of accomplishment is what I try to think about when that alarm is sounding. I try to give myself a little reminder of how I will feel after my workout, not how I feel right now.

Yes, Sis.....Yoga X is no joke! I would have to say it is the most difficult workout of the bunch, and the most rewarding to. When the day comes when you get through the entire hour and half, you will be so proud of yourself. I know I was. And yes, stretching is a breeze after you do the Yoga. I think I grow and inch in height from all the stretching and reaching. It feels soooooooo good!

Well I am proud of you Sis. Just keep it up. Remember this program is just the first 5k of an Ironman triatholon that will last the rest of our lives. Just do what you can, and the results will come. TRSUT ME!

Side note:
Weighed myself this last week....I have gone down from 244 lbs. to 240.6 lbs. in this first 11 days....Almost into the 230s!!! I'm am so excited!

Love of love, Eddie

Sarah said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Kempo X was fun this morning.