Monday, October 22, 2007

Second day of PS 90X

I'm on my second day of PS 90X. I've done two 1 hr workouts - chest and back on Sunday, and Cardio this morning. I was skeptical that the Cardio would work me out as good as a good old-fashioned run would. But since my brother made me a nifty schedule I'm sticking to it. And the Cardio work out got my heart rate to my running heart rate, can you believe that. And I was inside out the rain the whole time.

My arm and back muscles are really sore from the workout on Sunday and I'm feeling relaxed after my Cardio workout this morning. I have to thank my brothers for doing this with me, because I would have slept in this morning if I didn't know my brothers were up working out.

I'd like to thank everyone who is reading my blog as well. I hear rumors that lots of folks in my family and some close friends are checking in on my and reading up on how I'm doing each day. Please leave a comment of encouragement if you have the time. It will be as if you are another one of my mentors holding me accountable to my commitment to get fit.

Now its a quick wipe down with a towel and a clothing change and I'm off to work.


efrutchey said...

Just so you know Sis.....My chest, back and arms are killing me as well. Believe it or not it's how it is supposed to feel. We will have this same routine for the first 3 weeks. Just when your body starts to get used to the routine, we will have a nice break in week 4 with lots of yoga and stretching. Stick to it Sis! And know that Pete and I are doing it right along side you. -Eddie

Nate said...

Thanks Eddie for the encouragement!