Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Lone Workout

Talked to my brothers tonight and we are all on day three of these P90X workout routine. We were all staring at another massive arm weight lifting work out and NOT wanting to do it. Both brothers said to me on the phone that they were going to call it a rest day because their body needed the rest and that I should just take it easy to.

How could I pass up this chance to rub it in their faces by still doing the workout!

So at 9pm I put in the DVD, grabbed my heavier weights and went to town on 1 hr of shoulder, back, bicep, and tricep lifting. Yes, I am now to tired to even use the mouse on the desk, which might be a problem when I go to work tomorrow. But it least I still have my pride and no I haven't caved already on this program. Unlike some slackers I know who owe me a make up workout sometime in the future!

This program is fun and energizing. It is a great lift to be doing something completely different with my exercise routine. Now I just need to get the diet part right and I should have successful first 30 days. My fingers are getting too tired to type now though due to the arm fatigue so I better go to bed. At least I can go to bed without feeling guilty, unlike some slackers I know who caved on day three of 90!!!!! So sad.


William said...

The picture rocks, sis. Not that I was ever interested in getting in a fight with you, but now I'm fully convinced that you would beat me senseless. :)

efrutchey said...

Them be fighting words!

Sheesh....Read my email I sent you to see how I am making up for slackyness. I have learned my lesson about over training and will not miss a workout from here on out.

Remember I do play tennis twice a week on top of this to :-)

Love ya, keep it up!

p.s. How do I know you didn't just throw your workout clothes on and have Nate snap a few photos? ehh? This could be a conspiracy....yeah thats the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! It's Kim from TNT! I've just come across your blog and see you in your TNT purple! When are you coming back to run another marathon with us?? Mentor Doug is now Head Coach Doug...come check us out again...we miss you!

Nate said...

What great comments! Thank everyone!

Kim - I'm thinking about running the St. Louis marathon with the team.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Come on out! Let me know if you need any info...kim.greer@yahoo.com Hope to see you out training!