Saturday, May 09, 2009

Can I?

Can I prep for this Sprint Triathlon by June 6th? Today I biked 9.5 miles and then ran 2 miles. I've lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks so my running feels lots faster! Hope to be at least 13 pounds lighter by June 6th as well.

.5 mile swim. The swim will be in Rancho Seco Lake, with a beach start and finish. The water temperature will be around 72 degrees. Wetsuits are allowed. The course will be clockwise course marked with large orange swim buoys. The course will be monitored by safety boaters.
The Bike

The 16-mile bike course starts off within the park at Rancho Seco for the first 2 miles and then turns onto highway 104, monitored by CHP officers, for a 6 mile out and back loop. After a left turn back into Rancho Seco Park you finish around the lake and back into transition area.
The Run

The 3-mile run heads out of the transition area along a grass path to a wide fire road that loops around the lake for 1.5 miles before turning and returning on the same road. The dirt is softer than pavement and the mild hills are invigorating and satisfying. The finish is back to transition area and the huge welcome of the crowds, announcer and other finishers.

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Mandi said...

Definitely sounds like you can! Good luck with the rest of your training!