Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey Peoples!

When we went to San Francisco and rode on a trolley car with our son Lincoln he was so excited he yelled, "Hey peoples! We're riding in Thomas peoples!" to all the people outside of the car.

Today I am so excited I have to just shout for a second.
"Hey peoples! I weigh less than 150 pounds peoples!"

This has been a weight loss goal for 5 years. If I can get below this (149.6) I'll be the lightest I've been since the year 2000 (so in the last 10 years).

And that "Peoples!" is worth shouting about!


sharalyns said...

Congrats, Sarah! That is a fabulous accomplishment!!! You should be proud!

Amy said...

Congrats! You've worked so hard and now you're getting the rewards! I, on the other hand, am still trying to work up the motivation to work at it again...

Shannon Rush said...

Way to go Sarah!