Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long Run in the HEAT and Long Range Goals

I went for a long run this morning a bit too late! I started at around 8am and by the time I finished it felt 90 degrees outside (although it was only 80).

Here is my route:

I was happy with my pace but hope to start out perhaps a bit slower in order to go perhaps 7 miles next Sunday. I'm trying to balance speedwork, long runs, and weight loss training at the gym.

I very much appreciate the accountability I'm receiving from my running partner Betsy, brother Eddie, and coaches Nate and Will and trainer Cesar.

I will likely meet my goal of running well (faster than last year) in the Hood to Coast at the end of August. I will also likely meet my new weight loss goal of running this race in my 140s.

I'm very goal -oriented so I often find that if I train really hard for a race and don't have something to train for after that race that I suffer a loss in motivation afterward. This happened to me in 2003 when I trained hard for a local 5k race in the Winter; I set my 5k PR in that race in Feb 2003 and made a weight loss goal by loosing about 15 pounds while training. Since I didn't really have a long-term plan for other races after that race, I quickly regained the weight and lost all the speed and cardio fitness I had accrued up to that point. That is why I've worked up an extended calendar of events to train for until the end of 2009.

Aug. 15th - EG Fun Run 5k
Aug. 23rd - Winery Relay with Betsy (5 miles)
Aug. 28th - Hood to Coast relay (14 miles)
Oct. 4th - Cowtown Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
Dec. 7th - Cal International Marathon Relay (7 miles)

I'm excited to be doing three relay races with friends and family. It always makes me run faster knowing that my efforts contribute to the success of a team.

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