Thursday, July 30, 2009

I can't believe this

I just put on some jeans that are size 8. I'm not joking. This is crazy. I guess I could have put this on facebook as a status but I don't want to sound to cocky.

I'm just surprised. I guess you work hard and it pays off. Yippee.


sharalyns said...

That's fabulous! Congratulations!!!!

You've now hit where I'm starting from (but I'm *way* shorter than you and need to get down to a 4 to be healthy).

Jenny said...

Congrats Sarah! That is the BEST feeling. You should buy yourself some new "skinny" clothes to celebrate!!

By the way, I found your running blog through Facebook and I am really enjoying following your progress. I lost 15lbs (doesn't sound like much but that was 4 sizes for me) for my wedding and found, like you, the main thing that really worked was calorie-counting. I have since gained it all back thanks to residency, but you are really motivating me to be more disciplined again!

-Jenny (Bichsel) Hobbs

Sarah said...

So fun to see you to gals commenting on here. Keep reading. It makes me feel special.