Sunday, January 24, 2010


"A not-bad rule of thumb is that half as much year-to-year improvement is the best you can expect. So if you improved 9 minutes for 10K in 2009, improving by another 4.5 minutes would be maximal improvement in 2010.
That's the MAX, not the average. If you can get under 27 for 5K, under
56 for 10K, and under 2:05 for half marathon, you'll have had a great year."

My brother-in-law is a great wealth of training information and has helped me set more realistic speed improvement goals for this upcoming year. Right now I'm training for the half-marathon improvement (which sort of feels like working backwards). Should I just start the year trying to get faster in my 5k, then move on to the longer distances afterwords? Oh well, too late now.

I ran 7 miles at 2:04 half marathon pace yesterday. Now if only I could maintain that pace for 13.1 I would meet the half marathon goal no problem.

My back is hurting which is the first time I've had this problem so I think I might have to go see a chiropractor for an adjustment. Perhaps I am pushing myself too hard lifting kids all day long on one hip and then rushing out the door for a run. Today I'll rest and hopefully get an appointment scheduled with the chiropracter for Monday sometime.

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