Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Relay Results

Hello “Frutchey Clan” team and friends:

We did great this morning running a family team relay in Sacramento freezing weather (it might snow tonight)!

We had lots of fun developing a unique team strategy for finding each other at the relay exchanges (Eddie invented a bird call). We also had a great time cheering on all those fast marathoners, some who were trying to qualify for Boston by running our local marathon (which has lots of down hill).

Meanwhile, together we ran 26.2 miles in a final chip time of 4:31:50!

Our pace was 10:22 per mile.

“Frutchey Clan” finished 55th out of 90 teams in the Family Team Division (in the top 61%).

177th out of 249 Overall Coed teams (71%).

And out of all teams we were 611th out of 910 (67%)

And we beat ALL TEAMS that didn’t even show up for the race at all!

Our handoffs and approximated individual accomplishments were as follows:

Karen ran the first 6 in 78:12 (12:35 per mile)

Eddie then ran from mile 6 to around 13.5 in 63:18 (8:20 per mile)

Sarah then ran from 13.5 to around 20.5 in 67 (9:22 per mile)

Betsey ran the final 5.7 in 61:50 (10:51 per mile)

Thank you for running with me friends and family. If it wasn’t so cold I’d definitely say lets run this one again next year. For now, let’s just defrost and perhaps keep our eyes peeled for other relay opportunities in our area in the future.

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